Clothes for Cash

Well, the time is upon us! Spring!

The weather is getting warmer, the COVID numbers are declining and now your chance of wearing one of the many outfits you bought but couldn't wear is getting closer and closer. Yeah, me too.

Quarantine had you buying extra items and I'm sure clothes were one. It's okay, no judgment here. I'm guilty of purchasing some unnecessary yet satisfying items as well. That's why I'm here today. Every once in a while I have the urge to just purge. There is something about letting go of things that makes the load a lot lighter. So what better time to do so than now. And did I mention, you can get paid as well!


Here are 10 places to swap your old clothes for cash

Platos Closet
Buffalo Exchange
Facebook Marketplace
The Real Real

1. Platos Closet &

2. Rag-o-Rama

These are like the TjMaxx and Marshals of consignment stores. Not owned by the same company but run the same way. When selling to either company your clothes must be washed and lightly worn. Clothes that are torn or visibly worn out will not be selected out of the bunch. Items are sorted out by an employer and priced based on the pricing in their store. If your items are selected you can walk out of the store with some cash. If not, too bad. No negotiating prices are acceptable in these stores. Their site says they take items all year round. From my personal experience, my summer clothes were not selected during the winter. I tried again during the season and my items were then selected. I'd recommend asking if they are taking clothes from a different season before committing to selling your clothes, you may be turned around. Top sellers in Plato's Closet are from companies like American Eagle, Aeropostale, H&M. Rag-o-Rama is more of an edgy store and accept clothes base on uniqueness, style, and trend. So if you have a statement piece Rag-o-Rama is your best bet!


3. Buffalo Exchange

Currently booking appointments for closet cleanout. You can check out more information here. 

Buffalo Exchange is always on the hunt for vintage and trendy items. Trendy will always be trendy, but a good vintage piece is what stops the show. If you have any vintage gems in your closet that you are ready to give up, I would check out Buffalo Exchange. Similar to Plato's Closet and Rag-o-Rama, they look through your items and price your items based on those in the stores. Additionally, you can choose to get cash or store credit. Receiving store credit allows you to walk in the store with bags and walk right back out with an extra. 


4. Etsy

An online platform for small businesses is also a great place to sell your used items. You'd have to work a little to get your store out to the public so that you can receive customers. If you have customized clothes from weddings, events, etc, Etsy will be a great place to sell. Your store can be customized and this can be a great start to a potential store if you'd like. I use Etsy for my hands-on projects. It's low maintenance and the payout is easy as well. You can choose PayPal or your account to get paid.


5. Facebook Marketplace

You can sell ANYTHING here. Just post it. Set your price. Set up your delivery method. It is all on you.



Ok, now we are beginning to get a little fancy. POSHMARK is an online platform where sellers can sell all items of clothing from socks to coats and everything in between. You create your storefront and add your pictures. Set your price. ATTEND PARTIES! Yeah, POSHMARK is the social group. Attending parties provides an opportunity for potential customers. Attend parties that fit the description of what you are selling. If you have shoes to sell, attending a bag party won't be as successful. Once you get a buyer a pre-paid, pre-address label is provided. You pack up your items and drop them off at your local USPS or they can be picked up for free. The choice is yours!


The next listings are for my expensive taste shoppers. I'm assuming I'm talking to teachers, so I have an idea of what the pockets are like. But I also know that we all deserve to treat ourselves. So, if you are the teacher rocking the Gucci belt, with the Zara skirt, these listings are for you!


7. Tradesy

Another online platform to sell your high-end clothes and bags. They accept all categories from accessories, bags, shoes, and weddings! Yes, WEDDINGS! Their top sellers are bags, so if you have an Alexander McQueen in your closet, you are at the right place. List your items. Tradesy emphasizes selling authentic, designer fashion so that you can get the best price for what you are selling. Tradesy will also send a pre-paid shipping kit. You can read more about the selling process here.


8. The RealReal &

9. ThredUp

These two have probably been circulating your social media when you start thinking about donating or buying clothes for a cheaper price. Well If you are looking to buy high-end fashion clothes and accessories, The RealReal and ThredUp are just for you. I know we are discussing selling, but if you are interested in buying this is it. Okay, now back to selling. Both companies only accept high-end designers. 

ThredUp only offers a payout to items that mid-priced, premium, and designers, such as GAP, ZARA, LEVIS, NIKE, and ASOS. The low-priced items are ineligible because the processing fee is more than the value price of the item. So I'd recommend checking their list of what is considered eligible before selling. You want to make sure you get your money's worth. 

The RealReal allows you to schedule a pickup, ship to us, or drop off option. Their team will do the rest. Priced is based on market trends yet their goal is to get you the best price. They accept all categories from children's clothes to home decor. Here is a full list of items they accept! You can earn up to 85% of the selling price you are asking. You can see their commission rate here


10. Rebag

This one is for bag lovers! The accessories can also be swapped out for cash. Designer brands are galore. You begin by purchasing an item first. You have access to this item for an entire year! Within that year you can exchange it for up to 80% credit of your purchase price. That credit can then be applied to your next purchase. The quicker you exchange your item, the more credit you accumulate.


So, now that you know some places to sell your clothes, I hope this also motivated you to begin cleaning out your closet. Spring Cleaning is slowly approaching. What will you do with your lightly worn clothes? Now, you can have more space in your closet for the latest styles and an opportunity to update your capsule wardrobe! 


One last thing, remember, the pyramids weren't built in a day. Cleaning out your closet can take more than 24 hours. And with all those monumental pieces you have, it's wise to think it through on what you are giving up. There may be some secret gems that can put extra cash in your pocket. 

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