Hello 2022!

We made it to a new year!

And just like every year, we promise ourselves who or what we are leaving behind. We are kicking bad habits to the curb, and what new eating habits we will begin. Every year, the same thing. But I learned something this past year, and it's all about the mindset. What type of mindset do you have going into the new year. Do you have a GROWTH mindset or a FIXED mindset?

I use this image from Executive Head Chef Nathaniel Farrell of Crowne Plaza Manchester Oxford Road. It shows all the differences between the two mindsets. He also talks about the two from a culinary point of view. If you'd like to read the entire article, click here

Is your mind mentally prepared to make those changes?  

If it's anything, 2021 taught me to keep going, and those meant to show up will show up. So I'll start with myself and do just that. Show up. 

Here are five things I WILL show up for this year. 


I've always wanted a family to grow old with and spread generational wealth. But, I also learned that it takes a lot of work to build customs. Time is needed to create these strong bonds, and time has been taken away from working long hours. I want to be more present with things I can't seem to enjoy, like cooking or making my house a home. It takes time to combine what you and your spouse learned as youths to bring upon your children. So I will show up for a family time, family outings, family customs.



Transparency moment, It's hard being a wife. There are times when I want it to be just me. But that does not do the relationship well. I learned that we both want the same thing, LOVE, to be loved to show love. To do that, I realized that I have to show up for him because he shows up for me, and without him, I am nothing, but I want it all. BOSS LIFE, WIFE LIFE. LOVE LIFE. 



Education will always be my first love. But, I also learned that there is much more to education than the classroom. And with COVID being alive and active, my safety and my family come first. Moving towards technology is the way to go. I want "THE" job that matches my expertise in EdTech. I will begin a journey of ongoing education that allows me to build my knowledge on how I can help teachers like myself use technology alongside education. I will show up until I feel where I need to be in my career.


I WILL SHOW UP for my passion for FASHION.

Fashion will always be a part of me, and I won't let that go. I will continue to educate myself on how trends come and go. I will be attentive to the shifts of professional careers people have. I will study those before me and those who have mastered the style and find ways to incorporate the look in the corporate world.



I will help people who want to look their best in their professional attire. In addition, I will show up for those that wish for more education on the latest style tips. I will continue to study human physic to understand how clothes fit. Finally, I want to show up and convince you that I am the best person to help you with your styling.


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