I'm Officially Official! Top 5 from Amazon

Hello Amazon!

I'm so excited to announce that I will now be able to share some affiliated links through Amazon! 

I don't know about you all but Amazon is my go to for several items! Teacher finds, office supplies, and fashion. And guess what?! You can now shop my finds through the links that I share! 

You ready to get stylish?

Let's begin. I will now share my TOP 5 Favorites from Amazon...Teacher Edition

1. Belts

One of my favorite things to purchase from Amazon would have to be accessories. I've purchased several belts that can be seen in the pictures below. Sometimes you have an outfit that just needs a little flair to bring the outfit together. Belts are the perfect items to bring any outfit to a stylish reality. 

(Multi-layered Gold Chain Belt)

(Double O Leopard Belt)

(Double O Leather Belt)

2. Tops

Sometimes you just need a casual, everyday top, and Amazon has the best ones for you! I've found that bodysuits are so versatile, they can literally go with anything! How efficient is that? Check some ways I styled them below!

(Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit)

(Side Bow Short Sleeve Blouse)

(Ruffle Sleeve V Neck Bodysuit)

Disclaimer: The one that I'm wearing is no longer available but the link below is the next best thing!

3. Skirts

This past COVID season, I was very sceptical about in person shopping. This forced me to do more online shopping. The shops and boutiques that I love the most, rarely have items I can wear in the school building. So I searched Amazon. I was able to find some very cute and affordable items. Some items even offer the TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. This feature allows you to try the item for 7 days before choosing to purchase the item. I LOVE this feature! I always ended up buying what I was trying because I loved it that much. Check out how I styled some of the skirts I purchased from Amazon. 

(A-Line Midi Skirt)

Disclaimer: The belt bow that comes with it is in my hair!

(Cheetah Print High Waist Pencil Skirt)

I'm also rocking the Fake collar in this pic. Read below for more details

 4. Shoes

Yes, shoes! Believe it or not, Amazon has some great brands available for you to shop with. I've purchased brands such as Chinese Laundry, Steve Madden, Uggs, and Circus by Sam Edelman. One of my favorite purchase are a pair of white ankle boots shown in the picture below. These boots have been worn pretty much year round except for the summer season. The color is versatile enough to be worn with anything and the look is sophisticated yet casual. Another favorite are the low heel sandals. Perfect for spring and summer. Check out how I styled the two below. 

(Chinese Laundry White Ankle Boots)

(White Mules Flats)

 (Chunky Heel Leopard Print Strappy Shoes)

5. Fake Collars

Yes, you read that correctly! This has to be the latest trend in my teacher wardrobe fashion. I'm a little thick so layering clothings only works with me during the winter and fall seasons. I love the look of a collar shirt under a cardigan, sweatshirt, and t-shirt, but I hate the bulky look it gets around the sleeve areas. I went searching and came across these gems! I will never look back. These collars can be worn year round with literally anything. They make them in so many different styles and the finishing look is always clean and professional. Check out some images below to see how I styled them. Don't forget to click the link to see some of my favorites that are currently in my cart and on my wish list as well. 

(White Fake Collar Dickey)

(Fake Collar Dickey Pink)

Now that you've had an opportunity to read my TOP 5 FAVORITES it's time to check them out for your self. The following links are affiliated links, so I do get a percentage when you purchase directly from them. 

If there are any items that you are interested in that you need help looking for go ahead and comment below! I'll be sharing all my finds through the blogs so that you can have first dibs on my latest finds!
As always, happy shopping and Stay Stylish!

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