It's Officially Spring and I have some UPDATES!

Winter is Over! And so is COVID?

Hey everyone! Going back on my January post about showing up. And I'm here showing up for you as we speak. So much has happened from the last post that I feel I need to update you all. COVID is about done so more than 75% of people are out and about breathing fresh air. Masks mandates have been lifted from many businesses and schools. Companies are feeling more comfortable hosting events indoors. As the weather is warming up, people are OUTSIDE. Here in Georgia, we have a wave of pollen coming up, which may cause people to continue wearing masks. But, I have a feeling by the summertime, people will be masked off and enjoying the outdoors this season. HOPEFULLY!

Well, first, the biggest of all news, I'm expecting baby number 2! Hubby and I are so excited and we are planning accordingly. The Virgo in me is already planning how to balance life with three rooms, two children, and one husband. How will I manage juggling all the love while still taking care of myself? Well, I'm a woman, so that speaks on so many levels of greatness. So, I got this! Words of affirmation I live by every day. 

Second, well, if you are like most other teachers around the world, you are probably TIRED of your job. The lack of appreciation, support, and dealings with misbehaved students has been wear and tear to your ego and energy level. Yes, I'm with you. On the bandwagon of searching for other ways to make money or to transition from education. IT'S A LOT. And I know if anyone feels you I do! So I've been filling out applications daily attending interviews, yes, on the clock, and using both in and outsources as references because I mean, who else knows my work ethics than the very people I work with? My LinkedIn is Poppin with so many EdTech positions available for the next school year, so that is where I am searching. Redoing resumes and cover letters has been a hobby lately.

"Networking with like-minded educators has been a goal for me as well."

Are you in the process of transitioning? Share in the comment section!

Next up on the updates is about to get REEL! Ha Ha! If you've been following me on Instagram or TikTok, you probably already noticed that I've dove into the new algorithm of producing more video content than pictures. Real-time seems to grab more attention, and I'm all for that, grabbing your attention. If you missed it, check out last month's 14 days of Love Teacher Edition. I shared with you super cute and professional outfits that were themed around Valentine. The next batch of videos will continue to share attire that can be worn to work. Don't mind the bump, most outfits will be tailored to those before during, and after pregnancy. All the fits are coming in HOT! 


 Will you be attending?

I also plan on doing some live sales. If you are interested, make sure to follow up for flyers with upcoming dates and times. I've accumulated so many clothes that I must part ways with. Lightly worn or never worn. Items will be available for sizes medium through extra-large. Sizes 10 through 18 will also be available.

And finally, my client's list is slowly growing and I want YOU to be on it! I've been fortunate enough to work with some fellow teachers who've been wanting to revamp their style! I've met with them virtually and face to face to discuss what is and isn't working for them when it comes to their professional attire. We've laughed, made tough decisions, and at the end came out looking FABULOUS! When you book a session with me, it's more than just a conversation, it's an experience. I teach you skills that you can use on your own and provide you with insight to view your style differently. Have a role model in mind? We can bring that same vibe to your closet. Not one to do a lot of shopping? You may not have to, but if you do, I got you boo!


Ready to work? Let's get you the look you always wanted!

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  • I loooove this post. I’m definitely trying to become more active in finding other resources outside of the classroom. This is my first year teaching! I’m with first grade and I absolutely adore this stage where their imagination still run while. I try to match my outfits to something that is stylish and grads their attention. I’m looking forward to following your movement and learning more on upgrading my teacher wardobe.

    Ms. G

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