It's Time for Fall!!


The time has come. The weather is changing with the leaves and the fashion!

I am so excited about the FALL SEASON. During this season, you can add layers, bring out the boots, and attend fall activities. But this post is not about where to go for fall, but WHAT TO WEAR!!

What Am I Wearing This Fall?

This fall, I am falling in love with ALL THE NEUTRALS. If you've been following me, you already know that I am very BOLD when it comes to my attire. But I've grown to love the color tan and brown and I'm just loving this clean look. I heard somewhere that brown is the new black?! So, I'm taking it and going!

This comfy tan sweater is an Amazon find. You can check it out here! It was the perfect top to wear with these jeans shorts on a HAYRIDE at the farm. 

Some items you want to pair:

  • Shorts and a long sleeve
  • Shorts and sweater
  • Shorts and sweat shirt
  • Shorts and cardigan

Having these combos ready for fall is a win! You can't go wrong when you are running a quick errand or going out with some friends. Throw on a strappy purse, low boots (ankle or combat), a hat and you are good to go!

Shorts not your style? That's okay, try these combos:
  • Jeans with long sleeves
  • Jeans with crop long sleeves
  • Jeans with crew neck T-shirt
  • Jeans with strappy blouse and jacket

With jeans, the combinations are endless. Because of the weather change, you can pull out those sneakers and socks. If boots are your thing, bring out the tall boots to go over the knees. Don't forget to accessories! Articles of clothings aren't the only things being layered on! Bring out the chunky jewelry!!

Here are a few looks to get you motivated for the fall look in the classroom!!



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