January 20, 2021

Can we just sit back and enjoy this moment of momentum towards a greater country!

I've been living in this country my entire life, minus the time I spent abroad. I've been fortunate to experience some of this country's greatest moments towards the real unity of America. 

Today, we welcome number 46, President Joe Biden. Right beside him, is the FIRST WOMAN Vice President of the United States,  Kamala Harris

Not only is she the first woman VP but she is the first woman of COLOR. The beautiful combination of an Indian mother and Jamaican father, she is the true representation of unity. Being a Jamaican American myself, I was cheering inside and outside (buh buh buh). The little country Jamaica wins again!

She represents so many parts of Black America. Attended the HBCU, Howard University and is a member of the black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. Not only will our brown and black babies see how their VP looks like them, but babies of other races will also see that this is the country where dreams can become reality, shout out to Dr. MLK Jr.

We were blessed with the presences of OUR forever President, Barack Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama! I mean, two snaps, the grace and poise!!

I feel empowered to be a woman and I look forward to the days to come!

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