Staple Pieces Part II

The wait is over, lets jump into our staple pieces Part II!

Button Up Shirt
Crew Neck shirt
Teacher T-Shirt
Mid Length Skirt

6. Button Down

This piece is the ultimate staple piece! A shirt like this can be worn any day of the week, season, and time of day! Long sleeves, cuffed at the end always give your attire a professional look. Women's blouses come in many different materials, this includes but is not limited to; cotton, linen, chiffon, silk, and polyester. 

Great by itself

BU with a necklace

BU with some buttons open

BU with a Cardigan, sleeve rolled up

BU Tucked in/out

Worn with jeans

Worn with skirt

Worn with dress pants

Worn with dress opened/closed

7. Crew Neck Shirt

Crew neck is the style of the collar. The crew neck style is mostly found on t-shirts. The Crew Neck gives the collar a round shape. The collar may fall on top or slightly below the collar bone. Wearing a clean white crew neck t-shirt will always have a casual look. 

Crew neck style can also be found on blouses. A blouse with a crew neck collar provides less fear of a wardrobe malfunction. These blouses come in a variety of colors, shapes, and fabrics.

8.Teacher T-Shirt

There is a Friday every week of school and on those days, T-shirts will be worn! We all love T-Shirts!! They're easy to wear (when not wrinkled). They can be expressive, funny, and dressed up! Based on different events that occur within your school, you may have the opportunity to wear a T-shirt! Summer Camp, Teacher Work Days, Field Days, Free days, either way, most likely you will wear a T-Shirt.

Here are some of my favorite Teacher T-Shirt shops

Trendy Teacherz

Deavionblu Innovations

Education with an Apron

The Wright Stuff Chics

Custom made

Krazy Krafts16

Jazzy Tees and Tings

9. Mid Length Skirt

Because minis won't cut it. Mid-length skirts can fall anywhere between right below the knee cap to the middle of your leg. A mid-length skirt gives you a fun and respectable look. They can come in different styles such as; A-line, wrap, high waist, tiered, asymmetrical, and circle. Side Note: Wrap skirts can have a high slit that may be inappropriate for the work area. High waist skirts are more fitted so be mindful of the blouse you decide to wear. I recommend a loose blouse with a cardigan.) 

10. Cardigan

Perfect segue! Cardigans are teachers' best friends! We are constantly moving from one area to another. Having something easy to grab when you are unexpectedly asked to cover recess duty or kindly step in for bathroom coverage, will save your comfort. Cardigans come in all shapes and sizes! Seasonal, heavy to lighter material. Colors range from the brightest to the darkest. Patterns, from stripes to animal print to floral print. Length, from cropped to mid-length. Trend, from belted to buttoned to just an open front. Style, from pockets to collared to kimono, to hooded. Whatever your choice you can find it anywhere!

Staple pieces are a great start for your professional wardrobe. Collecting items can reassure your comfort of what is professional for the work environment.

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