Before I was a Teacher, I was a Student first

It was graduation year. I was almost finished with my student teaching program and the internship that I began earlier that year.

I was currently teaching third grade at Park Street Primary where I just completed my last assignment and was feverously awaiting feedback from my principal and mentor. By this time my nerves were shot. You know this feeling. Would they approve or was I DOA as a teacher? LAWD Take me now!!!! 

I really like the term STUDENT TEACHER. It's almost like a proverb, the STUDENT, is now the TEACHER. 

In life, we are all students and at times become teachers to those following behind. As teachers, we hold a greater standard to be a leader, and to be a leader you begin with your character traits. From there, the energy you exuberate will shine for others to attract or repel against.

I think some of my positive character traits were shown that time of my student teacher journey. I was a student and instantly became the teacher to other teachers. Showing them something new.

As a student becoming a teacher you bring that energy to all the schools you encounter. You know the latest tools, strategies, crafts, songs, the list goes on. As the teacher becoming the student, you gain that spark that may have been a little dim, but it's still there!

Our Student Teacher dress is perfect for your time as a student teacher. The neckline is appropriate for all occasions. The length of the dress is appropriate for all grades. All your professional coworkers will take you SERIOUSLY STYLISH!! 

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